Batik Sarees

Batik Prints have been making waves around the world. One of the most interesting creations of Batik Prints is the beautiful Batik Sarees. Batik Sarees have traditionally been made in countries like Indonesia, a country synonymous with Batik Prints. Batik Sarees have beautiful and diverse designs that symbolize different cultures and the influence of local tradition. Thus, Batik saree design’s main specialty is in the fine craftsmanship and effort that goes into its making.

How are Batik Sarees made?

The making of Batik Sarees requires a wax-resist dyeing technique of the whole cloth. Sometimes, their patterns are made by drawing dots and lines along with the resist. The wax-resist technique is achieved by using a pouted tool called canting. Sometimes, the resist is also patterned using copper stamps that are called caps. The wax is applied to the resist dyes. The artisan can now color the cloth as per his choice by soaking the cloth in color. He then removes the wax with the help of boiling water. In the case of a multi-colored cloth, the artisan further dips it in water and repeats the process all over.

The Unique features of Batik Sarees

Batik Sarees have some unique features that make them famous all over the world:

  1. Batik Saree uses the wax resistance technique, unlike other sarees that use the tie and dye technique. The wax resists technique uses wax to develop beautiful prints all over the saree fabric.
  2. The Wax resist technique also makes use of floral motifs and an earthy palette. These sometimes come with an infusion of vibrant and warm colors.
  3. The sarees are made up of many kinds of fabrics that include cotton, silk, or natural fabrics of the kind. Cotton fabric is the most common type of fabric used for prints and designs on Batik Sarees. Batik Sarees are recommended for women with good body shapes. Your choice of colors can be based on the body shape you have.

Types of Amazing and Beautiful Batik Sarees

Let us take a glimpse at a few amazing designs and prints from a collection of Batik Sarees:

Batik Silk Sarees: Silk-made Batik Sarees are worn on good occasions due to their right grand appearance. Batik designs are deeply influenced by the local culture and tradition. For example, a Batik silk saree from Murshidabad will be inspired by the local culture of Murshidabad that give it its uniqueness.

Batik Cotton Saree: The Batik Cotton Saree is a beautiful and warm attire to wear. Since they are simple they can be worn on any casual day. They get a rich look if you wear them with the right accessories. Cotton-made Batik Sarees are easy to handle and are favorites for a hot summer day. One example is Mulmul cotton Batik sarees that can be worn for any occasion both as ideal and casual wear.

Batik Print Saree: The Batik Print saree is an ideal choice for get-togethers and official meet up. Batik Print sarees are commonly available and you have many choices in terms of designs and prints that come in colors, designs, and ideas.

Batik Wedding Saree: Batik  Wedding sarees are meant to be grand and vibrant due to their heavy ornamental colors suitable for the occasion. The artisans hand-paint them in wax and also hand-dye. The colors range from extremely white to subtle ones, and all of them can be used for several occasions, One example is Buddhi Batik sarees which are entirely handmade and are live testimony to beautiful Batik wedding sarees.

Batik Kandyan Saree: Batik Kandyan Sarees are known for their colors. They are mostly casual wear. Kandyan sarees are regarded as the traditional bulk sarees that are modestly grand and come in several colors, most of which are bright. The fabric is not always of one kind but a mixture of cotton and others.

Designer Batik Silk Saree: You will love to wear the Designer Batik Silk Saree. They come in a  fusion of designs supplied by the intricate embroidery work on the fabric, making sure that it is the latest design. The Designer Batik silk saree comes with many beautiful shades and ideas alternately pressed on the fabric. Designer sarees are preferably worn at parties and receptions.

Casual Batik Saree: The casual Batik Sarees are worn most of the time by us while doing our daily chores. These Batik sarees can be worn as casual wear while visiting your friend’s house or as office wear, where you are not required to look grand or colorful. These are lightweight fabrics and easily be worn with a blouse. These types of Batik sarees are best suited for a beach, a resort wedding, or a hot summer day.

Batik Georgette Saree: Batik Georgette Sarees are the best way to impress your friends. They come in beautiful bright colors and are best regarded as Party and bridal wear sarees. The color choices and blouses simply make the saree look grand and lustrous.

Tussar Silk Batik Saree: Tussar silk Batik sarees originate from Assam. Tussar Batik sarees are known for their fine texture and come in warm to subtle colors. They provide you with many options to wear and even the simp; lest of them will make it a suitable match. Tussar silk batik sarees are suitable for weddings and other grand parties.

Batik Chanderi Saree: Batik Chanderi Sarees are a popular type of saree and are best known for their fine-textured fabrics in silk and cotton. These sarees are patronized by royalty. Batik chanderi sarees are beautiful in appearance and are extremely lightweight to wear. These sarees are suitable for Bridal party wear.

How to Wear Batik Saree with style

Batik sarees are elegant and simple. You should wear a batik saree to give it a style. Since Batik Sarees are ideal for work, you should opt for bolder prints in subtle colors. You should opt for accessories like nice Jhumkas or terracotta jewelry for a match. You can vary your hairstyle for a particular occasion where you are going to wear a batik saree. A bindi on your forehead can make you look perfect and of course what footwear are you going to wear.
So wear your Batik Saree in style and walk with confidence. The sheer beauty of the saree will mesmerize the audience. Wear it on any casual day or on a grand occasion. But just don’t forget to do it with style.
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