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RR Printing Tools has begun accepting orders for custom carved wooden printing blocks to deliver superior quality products and services to its clients. Customers who want their patterns and designs carved as printing blocks can now reach us and try out their custom carved wooden printing blocks. Submit your ideas, and we’ll carve them into printing blocks that meet your requirements.

About Wooden Printing Blocks By RR Printing Tools

The technique of carving designs, motifs, and patterns into a ‘block’ is known as block printing (also known as relief printing). 

RR Printing Tools, the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of wooden printing blocks, takes pride in taking Indian Art & Culture to the highest standards by manufacturing beautiful, durable, and functional wooden printing blocks for our customers. All our wooden printing blocks are manufactured in India. Hand-carved wooden printing blocks are produced in India. Sheesham, also known as North Indian Rosewood, is the type of wood utilized. Sheesham wood, which is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, is a quick yet long-lasting wood. The wood is sliced, then filed, and polished until it is flat and smooth. After that, a combination of chalk and Fevicol, similar to PVA glue, is applied to the surface. That’s what provides the carved side of the blocks with its white sheen.

All of the carvings take place manually using tiny chisels and bow drills. The blocks are soaked in oil for up to a week after the design is finished. This makes them more robust and prevents them from splitting in the dry atmosphere of block printing.

The RR Printing Tools online store has a large selection of these lovely handcrafted wooden printing blocks.

Supplier of Wooden Printing Blocks

Use of Wooden Printing Blocks

Handcrafted wooden printing blocks print words, pictures, patterns, and different designs in various forms and colors. Printing is a historical Indian practice that produces various products such as clothing, stationery, showpieces, and other items. Traditional Indian artists have been honing this method for many years and have refined the painting and engraving of gorgeous and distinctive patterns.

RR Printing Tools, a Wholesaler of wooden printing blocks, brings you a range of wooden printing blocks. Our Block printing has a wide range of applications.
1. Fine Art Prints
2. It’s used for ‘runs’ of prints that are tiny to medium in size. Block prints can range from strong, basic forms and designs with a restricted color palette to more intricate designs with various colors.
3. Block printing is useful for creating positive and negative pictures as well as patterns that recur.
4. They’re great for dying, painting, and inking textiles, paper, walls, and pretty much any other surface. They are also ideal for pressing patterns into unfired clay and adhering hot wax to paper or cloth in the case of batik. If you do decide to use them for this, make sure they’re just used for wax.

The following are the three major components of wooden block printing:
1. The wooden block carrying the design
3. The paint to color the design
4. Fabric (or other materials) upon which wooden stamps are used to print the patterns.

About Custom Carved Wooden Printing Blocks

Sheesham wood is used to make hand block prints. The patterns, outlines, and fill blocks are all carved by hand into the wood. The carving is extremely accurate since each block fits precisely into the overall pattern. The carver embeds markings along the block’s edges to serve as guidelines for the printer to position the blocks while printing. 

Blocks are typically 7cm to 25cm in size, but maybe larger, with specific motif sizes ranging from a few mm to 10 cm. As the wood does not soak the dyestuff uniformly, modern printing patterns include large patterns of 20-25 cm across, which produce an aged surface texture in printing. After the carver has accepted the design, he prepares the block by manually sanding it and then covering it with a white paste to make it consistent and polished for carving. He next draws out the pattern, one color at a time, onto the block’s face, ensuring that the features are visible for carving.

Being the leading Manufacturer of wooden printing blocks, RR Printing Tools assures that each custom carved wooden printing block is thoroughly checked and carved by only professional craftsmen. 

It is a time-consuming technique that needs skill, expertise, and endurance. The finished blocks are examined for correctness and soaked in oil to prevent the wood from cracking before printing. What’s the result? Beautiful living fabrics! 

These blocks can be any size, but they must be two or three inches thick for convenience. The wood’s side ends are not engraved and are left unfinished. Fine details are tricky to carve in wood, and even if they are, they often fall off during printing. Thus one of the essential tasks while preparing these blocks is to have the correct design before putting it. After the wooden blocks are complete, you may begin printing the cloth.

At RR Printing Blocks, the best Supplier of wooden printing blocks, we assure you that you will only receive perfect pieces of your custom wooden printing blocks to do your DIY projects or any other purposes. 

The Process of Custom Carved Wooden Printing Blocks

Cloth printing is possible in several different ways. One such process is hand block printing, which entails engraving a specific pattern or design on a wooden block, coating it in paint or dye, and pressing it on cloth. While blocks can be constructed of stone, they are more often made of wood for great performance. The intricate motifs you see imprinted on fabric are carved into wooden printing blocks, not painted with a brush. Exquisite prints of florals, animals and geometric motifs give a plain cloth a fascinating look. With the help of Custom Carved Wooden Printing Blocks, you can get engraved your preferred designs and achieve a beautiful fabric with your selected designs.

Woodblock printing utilizes wooden blocks to print designs on textiles such as linen, cotton, and silk. It is the most basic, but also the slowest, method of textile printing. Hand block printing may provide more creative outcomes, which are impossible to achieve with any other design approach. Previously, any traditional Indian design could be get carved on the hand block to hand print the cloth; however, any design may now be etched on the block to hand print the cloth. Hand block printing is popular in Rajasthan. Block printing is a technique that is utilized in both the fashion and interior design industries. To achieve consistency and distinct patterns, excellent woodblock printing necessitates talent and experience.

So, apart from being the Wholesaler of wooden printing blocks, RR Printing also helps our customers with custom carved wooden printing blocks.
For whom are these Custom Carved Wooden Printing Blocks ideal?
If you’re a lover of block printing and like to have your design ideas to your specifications, you’ve come to the perfect spot. At RR Printing Tools, a Wholesaler of wooden printing blocks has established this service for printing lovers like you. We welcome custom carved wooden printing blocks orders. Whether you need a single-piece carved or a wholesale/bulk manufacturing order of wooden printing blocks, we can handle it. We are a licensed producer of wooden printing blocks that can help you add diversity to your printing designs. Our blocks are created in order to meet your specific needs. When making the blocks, we pay close attention to the smallest details. We make it a point to provide you with a large selection of wooden printing blocks that will fulfill your needs well.

Custom Craved Wooden Printing Blocks

Design Inspirations For Wooden Printing Blocks

The designs of block printing are interesting. These printing motifs give the garment a unique edge and a captivating appearance. Unlike other design trends, hand block printing is inspired by traditional arts such as numerous abstract and Mehendi patterns. Within the basic hand block printing designs, the artistic talents of diverse designs lead to complex patterns. This method of hand block printing may also be used to produce elaborate designs.

Wooden blocks are engraved in such a manner that they depict a designer’s perfect vision. Basic geometrical formations or more complex impressions can be used in these hand block printing patterns. Hand blocked patterns are sculpted in the finest feasible method by designers to serve Indian and worldwide fashion demands.

Why choose Custom Carved Wooden Printing Blocks?

We appreciate that you want to provide a new/unique style to your clothes or décor textiles. As a result, we offer a variety of printing designs and patterns for you to choose from. So, we have introduced the idea of custom carved wooden printing blocks. We can also carve printing blocks according to your specifications. We can manufacture wooden stamps with your design and help you to print your chosen design perfectly. We are committed to preserving the cloth printing method. We stand strong as a maker of wooden printing blocks for fabric made according to your demands, regardless of what fabric type you pick. The stamps are fully hand-carved and provide a delicate touch to the printing right away. Your printing needs also determine the block sizes. 

Traditional and contemporary patterns are hand-carved onto our wooden printing blocks using the traditional Indian process. Moreover, our custom carved wooden printing blocks are handcrafted ideally as per your designs. These are the ideal supplies for any creative project that needs a little something extra. Our finely crafted borders and trimmings provide a touch of refinement to any sewing or adorning endeavor. We carefully pick our items for our shop so that you can choose from a colorful variety. If you want to place a bulk order for your custom designs, RR Printing Tools, the leading Manufacturer of wooden printing blocks, will take your bulk orders and deliver the exact number by the said deadline. 

Hand block printing has recently taken a new direction. Since its discovery, it has been a complex procedure. Hand block printing has long been regarded as one of the most valued arts, but it has recently transformed to keep up with current fashion trends. Block printing on clothing components such as pockets and collars gives the entire appearance an edge and elevates the garment to a standout piece. In addition, such prints applied as patches on a variety of products appear to be intriguing. Hand block printing is in high demand in the clothing sector for sarees, suits, gowns, and other items like purses.

Send us an email with your designs enclosed, and we will create your custom carved Wooden Printing Blocks. As a result, you can now effortlessly create your beautiful items and enjoy block printing whenever you choose. We offer everything you need, from square to butterfly-shaped pieces. Why don’t you order our blocks online if you’re in dire need of wooden printing blocks? We have something for everyone here.

Taking Care of Your Custom Carved Wooden Printing Blocks

Termites will quickly build their home in your custom carved wooden printing blocks if they are not properly cleaned, and they will begin to destroy them. Making your lovely blocks suffer a lengthy, painful, and unattractive death (this is more or less what happens)

It’s necessary to clean and dry your valuable wooden blocks after the printing process gets completed before putting them back.

Just keep these procedures in mind whenever you’re cleaning the blocks following printing:

1. Fill a bucket with water and soak all of the filthy blocks in it. Allow 5 minutes in the bucket before carefully washing the blocks with a gentle brush that does not ruin the design (a soft toothbrush preferably).

2. Soon after scrubbing the block, place it in another jar filled with fresh water. Carry on in the same manner with the remaining filthy blocks.

3. Using a dry cotton cloth, wipe them down.

4. Allow the blocks to dry in the shade. Once the blocks are completely dry, please place them in a neat wooden or plastic box.

The Popularity of Wooden Block Printing

Being the leading Manufacturer of wooden printing blocks, RR Printing Tools understands that the beauty that wooden block printing brings in a piece of fabric is unmatched and beyond comparison. 

Wooden Block Printing is growing popular because:

  1. It is straightforward to apply.
  2. The prints on the textiles have clarity, precision, and exquisite detailing.
  3. The vast array of options for mixing and matching block designs in various colors on the same fabric, as seen in big canvas textiles like sarees and salwar kameez, is incredible. A vast number of wooden blocks are retained on hand at all times, ready to be used according to the desired designs and patterns.
  4. Making a new block with a unique design is simple and fast. We can help you with designing your Custom Carved Wooden Printing Blocks and bring life into your designs. Because the blocks are made of high-quality wood, they are long-lasting. Metallic blocks are occasionally utilized, although their mobility is limited in comparison to wooden blocks.
  5. A point on the block acts as a reference for the repeat imprint, ensuring that the overall appearance is seamless.
  6. The wide range of colors used in the designs gives them a bright and new vibe.
  7. Block designs and brush prints have been successfully tested on cotton, silk, and other materials.

Block printing is a great method to create something genuinely unique that can also be readily duplicated. Carving the block takes time and care, but after you’ve finished, you’ll be able to use it multiple times.

Block printing is one of the simplest printing processes to learn because the materials required to start are affordable, and you wouldn’t need a lot of printing equipment. It’s a fantastic way to get started with printmaking!

Be assured that RR Printing Tools, the best Supplier of wooden printing blocks, assures you to deliver the best quality and perfect custom carved wooden printing blocks. Also, our online store has a variety of options to look for some other unique and beautiful designs.
How are the custom carved wooden printing blocks used?
After you have received your custom carved wooden printing blocks, the next step is to start your printing process. Here is how you artisans use the wooden printing blocks. 

1. Apply your preferred paint or dye on the surface of the wooden printing block. Gently press the wooden block on the palette of dye before applying it to your preferred surface. 

2. If you are using fabric to make imprints, then be sure that all starch from the fabric is eliminated. Put the cloth on a printing table, spread it across the full length, and fix it in place using small pins for hand block printing.

3. Block printing necessitates the use of a specific process to get the required effects. Printing always starts on the left and works its way to the right. To level out the colors on the tray, use a wooden plank. The artisan paints the fabric with a dark outline color after dipping the block in it. This is repeated down the length and width of the cloth.

4. The artisan spreads fine sawdust over the wet dye after the hand block-printing procedure is finished to avoid the design from smudging. The cloth is then exposed to the sun to dry. Block printing on cotton and silk textiles may be done using a variety of colors. Indigo sol, pigmented dyes, and fast dyes are some of the most popular cotton dyes. 

RR Printing Tools – Your Custom Carved Wooden Printing Blocks Store
RR printing Tools, the leading Manufacturer of wooden printing blocks, bring your unique designs and idea to life. We combine your vision with the skills of the craftspeople with whom we work. We can help you through every stage of your order, whether you’re a professional designer or just beginning.
We pay attention to what you desire in terms of colors and patterns. No one’s opinion is more important than yours during the custom design process. We look after our clients and all of their requirements. The craftsmen we collaborate with are well-versed in whatever you would like to see in your final result.

RR Printing Tools has a huge selection of gorgeous, collectible wooden printing blocks hand-carved by Indian artisans and are 100% sustainable and ethically produced. We are a site for high-end items recognized for their distinctive designs, appealing forms, and styles. We have established a strong reputation and repute in the marketplace in a short period. We are now accepting custom carved wooden printing blocks that will be exactly as per your designs and style. We assure you that your designs will get engraved in a beautiful and durable piece of wood in no time and get delivered to you. 

Being the leading Wholesaler of wooden printing blocks, we assure you that they are accessible at affordable costs for everyone. We’ve established a solid grasp of market requirements throughout time. We’ve been keeping a close watch on new market trends and changes. Our items are made following the most recent fashion trends. In today’s dynamic environment, this has aided us in sustaining a consistent demand for all of our products.

How to Place an order for your custom carved wooden printing blocks?
1.We personalize our prints for each client. You may start the custom design process by contacting us and telling us what you want. The magic begins from here.
2.We can discuss what kind of design you’re considering together. It could be a floral design, traditional Indian design. From patterns to colors, the possibilities are infinite, and we’re here to assist. It might be a flower pattern, Indian traditional motifs, or something else. Any pattern/style may be printed on a single or multicolored wooden printing block.
3.We collaborate to develop a blueprint for the design of your custom carved block after the specifics of your print are determined.
4.We then hand over the blueprint to our artisans, and then they start the procedure of engraving. 

Wooden Block Printing – The Pride of India
Today’s Indian woodblock prints range from classic patterns to contemporary styles. In short, the prints reflect both the old and the new. A traditional craft, woodblock printing, lives in a parallel realm to the modern world. It’s an art form that defies industrialization. Block printing is still done by hand, without the use of computers or technology. We must not only commemorate but also encourage block printing as a talent as a nation. It is, admittedly, the oldest printing method that has endured the test of time. Currently, increased awareness and marketing of handcrafted and environmentally friendly items are required. The craftsmen require our support. For the time being, we may start by spreading the message and directly buying local handicrafts to help this ancient sector survive and thrive.

So, if you’re looking for a wooden printing block manufacturer, or have a wholesale or bulk inquiry, or want your Custom Carved Wooden Printing Blocks, please get in touch with us at:

You can visit our online store by clicking here.

How to get Custom Craved Wooden Printing Block?

1. Contact/Write to Us

To begin your designs as Custom carved Wooden Printing Block

contact us and share your block print designs with us.

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2. Discuss

Together we can discuss about your block print design.

It could be a floral design, Indian traditional designs,

single/multicolor wooden printing block or any pattern/style.

We are here to help you.

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3. Design

Once the details of your designs are finalized

we prepare stencils of your designs to imprint on wood for carving.

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4. Carve

Once the stencil is ready we imprint it on wood plank 

and start with hand carving.

So if you looking for a manufacturer of wooden printing blocks or have a wholesale or bulk query, or you want your designs to be custom carved you can write to us at:

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